Wednesday, August 9, 2017 Shuts Down Again!

Well it happened again. has closed it's doors for the 2nd time in just a few months.  Closed in November 2016.  Re-opened in February 2017. Closed once more in August 2017.  For the last time?  Who knows!

Current as of August 9th 2017

So to all you PFBers out there looking for a place to go come on over to my house!


  1. Let's set the record straight about Philippine Fail Blog and why it was really shut down two times. The owner (Filo) of PFB is a liberal from San Francisco and all this started when Trump ran for president. So PFB gos on and people reading, writing articles and talking. Then after Trump was elected Filo shut down PFB for the first time and when you brought up PFB there was a message from Filo telling everyone how stupid they were because Trump won the election.

    Filo changed the message a few times. The first one was That he could not believe that Americans and members of PFB were stupid enough to elect Trump. Filo said he was shutting down PFB because members of PFB proved they were stupider than Filipinos. Yes in two of his shutdown messages Filo attacked and insulted his members because he did not like the results of the election. The second message was pretty much the same then PFB disappeared completely.

    It was during Trumps run for president that Filo set up and anti Trump website that was nothing but a smear site. After months up he still had just 4 members and all joined withing the same 24 hour time frame. Then Filo brings PFB back up and the excuse was the site got hacked and he was trying to get it back up the entire time it was down. Filo completely ignored the fact that several PFB members did read his two messages where he said he was closing PFB down because Trump won.

    So a lot of the old members came back and started writing articles, chatting and so forth like before. But the problem that came up was no matter what the article was or PFB members comments Filo always found a reason to start his anti Trump tirades. If a PFB member did not agree with Filo regarding Trump they were subject to abuse in the comment section and by private messages, I was just one of many.

    So just before the last shutdown Filo started his anti Trump rants when a few PFB members started putting up links and cite sources proving his anti Trump allegations incorrect. One of these members was 85andbelow, a long time PFB member. Of course once proven wrong Filo went on personal attacks not only on 85andbelow but directed his abuse to all PFB members whether they were in on the debate between him and 85and below. So if PFB did become a hate site as Filo claims then it was Filo who turned it into a hate site due to his extreme hatred of Trump and his hatred of any PFB member he thought supported Trump.

    Yes, Filo shut down PFB both times because he could not stand the fact that Trump won the election and that the majority f PFB members did not share in his hatred of Trump.

    FILO, YOU ARE THE ONE THAT TURNED PFB INTO YOUR OWN PERSONAL HATE SITE AND NO ONE ELSE. You decided that since not everyone agreed with you that you would shut down PFB and deny the members chatting with each other. You have proven that if liberals ever get control of the country again the right to free speech and many other rights will be taken away.

    1. Like a good captain he went down with his ship. Haha. If PFB came back a third time I'm not sure that would be a good thing. It would be awkward. He did say he might move back to the Philippines. If he does I bet he will start another space to rant. He will need it!

    2. Thanks Mike for getting the record straight. I loved the site and also wrote a couple of articles for it but he sabotaged it with his intolerant progressive liberal agenda. Sad and what a loss I really liked him.